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Welcome To Hyndburn Used Furniture Store Online

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HUFS is the leading outlet within east lancashire helping people benefit both themselves and the environment.

As a charity, we are primarily here to help people on low incomes, benefits, or those facing hardship in life. We understand not everyone can afford the latest and greatest, but we do know it's better to give something that can be used, rather than just filling another landfill. Everything we receive is given a full safety check to gauruntee it is ready to be given to someone, and of course, if anything fails to pass our strict tests it is recycled rather than just thrown away. We accept just about any donation, from carpets to roof-tiles and everything in-between, and pass that on to those in need through-out the year and especially now when a little charity is so sorely needed.

If you are in need, facing hardship or just want to come down and see what we can offer, please give us a call or pop in to see us, we always offer a warm welcome. if you wish to donate, by all means give us a call, we can come and collect your donation from you at whatever time suits you and you can rest assured that it will be going to someone who will need it.

Hyndburn Used Furniture. Giving what we can, because we can.

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